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About our company

In 2006, CETREL Securities S.A. was founded as a regulated company supervised by the Luxembourg Financial Regulator (CSSF) and dedicated to providing financial data and regulatory reporting services, with CETREL S.A. being its sole shareholder.

In 2014 CETREL S.A. was acquired by SIX Payment Services Europe and since 2019 both are now integrated into Worldline Financial Services (Europe) S.A. consequently, CETREL Securities is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Worldline, and integrated into Worldline Financial Services (Europe) global business line.

About our vision

Since data is increasingly critical for financial institutions to both fuel growth and maintain reliable and compliant operations, we help our customers reaching the full potential value of financial data in order to best fulfill their business purposes, while maintaining the highest level of trust and security in all the services we offer.

As a leading financial data services company located at the heart of the European financial ecosystem, we are developing a portfolio of secure, agile and business-driven solutions enabling our customers to better focus on their core-business activities.

About our leadership team

Yves-Marie Wallyn / Authorized DirectorYves-Marie Wallyn
After developing critical IT solutions for military use, Yves-Marie gained a deep expertise in different technologies and financial applications in two famous IT Services companies.

Then in 2011, he joined CETREL Securities as Project Manager, and, over time, has been successively promoted as Head of Development, Associate Director, and Executive Vice-President responsible of the Solutions business which englobes the end-to-end delivery of existing and new solutions, since 2019.

Rui Gonçalves / Authorized DirectorRui Gonçalves
After a first professional experience in a renowned German company, in the robotics industry. Rui joined, in 2003, SIX Financial Information as product expert and after nine years of experience in financial data and products, he joined CETREL Securities as Business analyst. Over time, he has been successively promoted to Project Portfolio Manager and Associate Director.

Since the beginning of 2022, Rui is Executive Vice-President of CETREL Securities, in charge of Project Management Organization and Business Continuity of new and existing services.

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