SOFiE SORT – Reporting covered

SOFiE SORT and the Regulatory Reporting :

Informations :
In order to determine the exact type(s) of report(s) your company has to send to the regulations authorities, we advise to contact them first.  Based on their answers you’ll be able to determine which package you need to apply for your SOFiE Sort contract

A package, also called a module, is a right permission for a family of reports granted as a yearly licence for 1 entity.  SOFiE Sort packages were organised and compiled in order to respond exactly to the various regulators demands and circulars in regard to the Legal Reporting at Luxembourg.
Packages can be added or removed on demand

Licences costs are divided as follows :

  • 1 crypt licence by entities
  • From 1 to X transport licences by type of package
  • Special GUI interface packages
    (capture tools to generate some precise reports)


Find here the list of all reportings classified by packages.