SOFiE SORT – The service

SOFiE SORT recognizes and validates all types of files (XML, XBRL, EDIFACT, …)

SOFiE SORT validates, encrypts and transfers the files from the sender to the receiver 

The input tool (available as an option) provides the following functionalities to the TAF users:

  • Manual Generation of a TAF-Report according to CSSF’s specifications
  • Generation of a correction report
  • Generation of a transaction cancellation report
  • Generation of a report cancellation message

The TAF GUI may also be used in parallel to an automated report solution. Appropriate arrangements in order to avoid confusion in transaction and report identifiers have been defined with the CSSF as receiving entity.

The manual transaction tool allows the COREP/FINREP users to launch and monitor the submission workflow

Integration is realized with all major standard reporting software