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Advantages of global Financial Data processing
Increased straight through processing and improved data quality

Correction of source errors before they become bigger problems downstream:

  • Increased accuracy for pre- and post-trade data, risk reporting, compliance and analytics;
  • Enrichment and comparison of data flows.

Cost control:

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership;
  • Simplified maintenance at fixed cost;
  • Elimination of the development cost for proprietary interfaces: we minimize integration cost thanks to our predefined interfaces with the major banking solutions, as well as our ability to develop rapidly interfaces allowing the feeding of any other financial system;
  • Provider feed releases are tracked by CETRELSecurities and integrated into the product in a transparent manner.

Risk Control:

  • Benefits from a secure and confidential processing guaranteed by the PSF status;
  • Reduced operational risk;
  • Highly secured data processing environment, based on a proven Business Continuity Plan (BCP);
  • Data quality and cost control are far from the only issue CETRELSecurities tackles; time to market is a critical element, as all data must be acquired, staged, and fully available before trading day begins.

Operating excellence with solid partners:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring.
  • CETRELSecurities has demonstrated its excellence in the management of market infrastructure, as well as in the availability and security of this infrastructure;
  • ABI has developed proven multi-provider processing tools and databases;
  • Benefits from a “state of the art” platform through continuous innovation and support guaranteed by our service agreements.

Minimal project risks, costs and duration:

  • Ready to use interface according to your definition;
  • No change of current database;
  • No change of current programs.

Business focus with CETRELSecurities as single point of contact:

Our team of professionals brings unrivalled depth of experience and business understanding to your reference data needs.